Arkki Module 3A

Module 3 A covers a wide range of topics that are the core concepts in design and architecure. The course provides a solid foundation for the knowledge and skills to be deepened and expanded in the following modules. The pupils will be introduced various techniques of creative thinking and designing, such as planning, drawing and building with all kind of different model building materials. Projects in this module combine design and technology, mathematics and history and make an excellent scenery for pupils to develop their higher order thinking skills through project based learning. Teaching and learning develop the pupils´ capacity of using and applying mathematics in real life phenomena in a verstile manner., for example applications of basic arithmetic operations and the use of differens scales. The pupils are supported in building a healthy self-confidence and a positive self-image for example by hearing and appreciating their thoughts and experiences. Module 3 A is one of the starter modules for Arkki program. Suitable for pupils of 10 to 12 years of age.