Available Courses

Arkki offers creative education services in three forms: a long-term program divided into modules, theme courses and workshops for children and youth. Workshops are also delivered for families and companies as recreation/bonding activities.

Here you can find all available Arkki courses in Vietnam at the moment. If you are interested in Arkki courses not yet available in your current location let us know!

Arkki Module 1A

Module 1A is the first course of Arkki long-term education program for school age children. On this course we start building the foundation for the themes and skills to be deepened and expanded in the following modules.

Arkki Module 1B

Module 1B is the second course of Arkki long-term education program for school aged children. This course deepens the understanding of the various elements of space, architecture and the environment from interior objects to city scale. The course program intertwines

Urban Design theme course

What would make a city better for its people? Whats my city like and how has it developed? What makes a city good for children? What is the best, happiest and smartest city for the future? In this five-day course,