Arkki long-term courses

The whole Arkki long-term program includes 30 back-to-back modules with 300 progressive projects, enabling children to come, play and develop their creativity for a total of 1500 hours.
Each module has 10 projects, lasts for 15 – 20 sessions. Each project is a unique, intriguing and playful experiment in which the children apply design thinking and a wide range of STEAM skills and knowledge to complete. Working with many tools and materials, they build up their “creativity vocabulary” and “maker mindset”.

Arkki Module 1A

Module 1A is the first course of Arkki long-term education program for school age children. On this course we start building the foundation for the themes and skills to be deepened and expanded in the following modules.

Arkki Module 1B

Module 1B is the second course of Arkki long-term education program for school aged children. This course deepens the understanding of the various elements of space, architecture and the environment from interior objects to city scale. The course program intertwines

Arkki Module 2A

Module 2A offers a rich setting of themes covering for example scale, human proportions, structures and history as well as architectural design and city planning. The pupils practise principles such as measurement, length, mass, volume and various units of measuring.  Spatial and environmental awareness are

Arkki Module 2B

Module 2B extends pupils perspectives to the build environment from smallest scale details to larger entities. During the course  several architectural phenomena, such as massing, transition and vernacular architecture, settlements and urban areas are studied. The individual projects in this module intertwine different phenomenon

Arkki Module 3A

Module 3 A covers a wide range of topics that are the core concepts in design and architecure. The course provides a solid foundation for the knowledge and skills to be deepened and expanded in the following modules. The pupils

Arkki Module 3B

Module 3B deepens the knowledge of pupils in STEAM & beyond subjects such as engineering, history and ergonomics as well as housing and cityplanning. Innovation skills are fostered through design projects that integrate multiple subjects. The pupils are guided to

Arkki Module 4A

Module 4 A is the next step after 3 B and offers a rich setting of interesting projects that combine and examine design and technology from different viewpoints. The holistic projects combine subjects such as math, history, geography, biology and

Arkki Module 4B

Module 4 B is the next advanced level after 4 A and engages pupils in real life phenomenon through multidisciplinary activities, both through individual challenges as well as team work and collaboration projects. Pupils will dive into the world of

Arkki Module 5A

Module 5A introduces pupils STEAM &beyond subjects such as organic forms, ecological building materials, form and function, shape, mass and proportions. The pupils will build bridges between math and its applications in real world and practise their mathematical and logical